Sunday, December 21, 2008

Online earning

After trying for the past two years when I got my first online payment, that was a great feeling for me!
Sinece I am based in India major online opportunities can't be availed by me as they are mostly forcitizens of  US/UK/Canada.
While starting your jorney towards online earning few important things needs to be kept in mind.
  1. Firstly, never pay anything to earn online. The ones who who ask for money to startwith are surely scams and must be avoided.
  2. Nothing such as "Get rich in 20 minutes" exists in reality and quick schemes like this who promise the whole world to you for literally no effort also should be avoided.
  3. Research enough before commiting your substantial amount of time to any website. Internet has lots of forums and social networking sites who asks nothing to provie you with a list of fraudulent sites and keep one such list handy. You may add few names of your own with time!
  4. Keep patience. Internet is not a gold mine and hence you can't earn huge sum of money in few days investing nothing. Here your investment is time and you should remember that the most successful online enterpreneurs had got their first taste of success only after few years of hard work.
Keeping this things in mind always will help you stay away from scam sites and get disheartened or lose all your hopes of online earning.

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