Sunday, December 21, 2008

Helium! Where knowledge rules!

Last month one of my friends referred me to Helium and I am glad I joined this wonderful site.
Let me explain why...
Its a website where anybody can submit there articles on various titles present in the topics which are available under 29 channels covering almost everything on earth. Still if any member wants to write on a title not present in any channel then he/she can suggest the title to the Helium.The quality of articles decides how much you earn. Click on the banner in the beginning of this post to see the articles I have written there. The articles are rated by other members based on which writers get writing stars and when we rate other's articles, the quality and number of articles rated by the writer in a given period determines the number of rating stars.
Lets see how you can earn from Helium and what are its important and attractive features:
  • Helium shares its revenue with the members who have at least one rating star.
  • Members with at least one rating star and writing star will get upfront payment depending on the number of writing stars they have.
  • Numerous writing contests on various subject gives chance to have a fair competition with other writers on the site and hence win a substantial amount of money and reputation.
  • Marketplace gives the writers to sell articles to publishers or webmasters with a fair price for their talent and also giving you a chance to gain a healthy reputation in the writing circle.
  • Its available to members of all country and pays through Paypal into your account once you reach the 25$ minimum payout. Click below to create a free Paypal account if you don't have one till now.

 Sign up for <span class=PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.">

It may seem a little slow and difficult in the beginning but trust me if I can write even you can!
Click the link below to join Helium and see all the help and resources they have for the new budding writers.

Hope you enjoy writing and meanwhile I will keep adding new information in my posts regularly. Have a nice day!

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