Friday, March 13, 2009

A wonderful Blog for writers

Hello everybody,
I had mentioned in my earlier post that I had sent an email to Helium staff asking about the problems I have been having while logging in to their site. The bad news is that there haven't been any reply. That really isn't bothering me much and there are reasons for that. First,I have my rights to those articles with me and I will surely publish them again.Second is very important that is the blog I mentioned of a fellow writer convinced me to stop writing for sites like Helium for such petty amounts. By now I think I have some knowledge of the world of professional writing and I am glad to announce that I plan to start working harder as soon as my lab works in college give me some time to relax!
Any new writer who plans to start writing articles or stories or anything else either online or offline can take a look at Raven's blog. I liked the way she shares information on so many topics and the information are all genuine and thankfully well paying. I plan to spend considerable amount of time reading everything she has to offer in her blog in the coming weeks. All the best to you too!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fisrt Payment from helium!

Hello friends,
Today I got my first paymentf rom Helium and obviously I am excited.I have 27 articles with them and I am happy about the earnings no matter how much they are. Some people complain that Helium pays really less but in times like these every penny matters.I have posted my payments proof here.Have a look at it.
I couldn't login to there site for the past few days and hope the matter get resolved soon.I have sent an email to and hope to get a reply very soon.Lets see what they have to say to these. Till then happy earnings and have a nice day!