Sunday, September 13, 2009

Magic Trading

Okay I know its was stupid but some friends of mine in mylot has got paid from this website so I though why not give it a try..they are asking to deposit minimum 1$ and u get a 28% profit from them. Well I have deposited 1$ with them and if their promise holds true then my amount will be back in four days..and if not then i will think 1$ had to go somewhere..
If you more to invest then you can as they various plannings with them with different profit range.
You too can give it a try as many of my friends have been paid..
Here is the link to it..I will benefit if you join under me..

Friday, September 11, 2009


Anybody who have been working online to earn does know about this site. I am strongly against PTC sites as they turn out to be scam in very small amount of time. But one thing about neobux is that they are genuine as they have paid every single member consistently for the past two years without a single complaint-which is a big achievement in itself. The minimu payment for you first payout is 2$ which without any referrals for a new member without any investment will take approximately a year! But anyway you get something surely into your account for only 5 minutes of your online time. But if you have referrals and can invest some money then your life will become much easier! Give it a try.
Here is the link-

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ciao has stopped Indians

Well friends Ciao has stopped Indians from participating in their site..Sad but nothing to do. But at least unlike other sites they paid whatever amount was their in our accounts irrespective of any minimum amount while closing them..So my money didn't go waste like in Helium.
And Pickjack is one good site given the fact that they have paid me continuously for some time now though I have hardly logged in their while my referrals have earned me a good income. here is the link to details on this site for those who have visited for the first time-
So have a nice time earning friends!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A wonderful Blog for writers

Hello everybody,
I had mentioned in my earlier post that I had sent an email to Helium staff asking about the problems I have been having while logging in to their site. The bad news is that there haven't been any reply. That really isn't bothering me much and there are reasons for that. First,I have my rights to those articles with me and I will surely publish them again.Second is very important that is the blog I mentioned of a fellow writer convinced me to stop writing for sites like Helium for such petty amounts. By now I think I have some knowledge of the world of professional writing and I am glad to announce that I plan to start working harder as soon as my lab works in college give me some time to relax!
Any new writer who plans to start writing articles or stories or anything else either online or offline can take a look at Raven's blog. I liked the way she shares information on so many topics and the information are all genuine and thankfully well paying. I plan to spend considerable amount of time reading everything she has to offer in her blog in the coming weeks. All the best to you too!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fisrt Payment from helium!

Hello friends,
Today I got my first paymentf rom Helium and obviously I am excited.I have 27 articles with them and I am happy about the earnings no matter how much they are. Some people complain that Helium pays really less but in times like these every penny matters.I have posted my payments proof here.Have a look at it.
I couldn't login to there site for the past few days and hope the matter get resolved soon.I have sent an email to and hope to get a reply very soon.Lets see what they have to say to these. Till then happy earnings and have a nice day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How often should I search?

Now many of us have the habit of getting one good program and stop searching for more. I will strongly advice against this as it will not only harm your prospects of earning more but you may lost out on interesting online earning programs as many programs changes their pay rate after few days once they gain popularity or increase in number of members. So its always better to watch for new programs by visiting sites like myLot or SOP or just searching it in google.
Like Ciao was nice paying a dollar per review then change it to 0.25$ and now nothing. On the other hand Helium is making its payment system more an more profitable for writers to attract professional writers to their site. One good way to know quickly about online programs is by subscribing to quite a few online earnings blogs of big earner an you will get the information on time into your mail box. Remember nobody gets success without hardships in the world, not even online money!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi friends! 
I am posting this after a long gap and sorry for that. I was very busy with my blog at so couldn't spend much time here. 
Now back to the topic! is a review site where you get paid when somebody comments an rates on your reviews. Now you may be wondering what to write a review on. They have products ranging from movies to a facial kit, i.e; almost anything you may want to buy! Now when you join the site what you do first is read on the guidelines well. Then write good detailed personal opinion in proper English on two or three products. Then start rating other people's reviews and add them to your friend's list. They will then come back to check your reviews and rate and comment on it. There are various awards given out weekly and monthly to reviewers whose reviews perform exceptionally well-well written, detailed, informative, personal opinion given and lastly but most important is originality.
Hope you enjoy you stay at Ciao. Till date I have been paid twice by Ciao and so all the best for your reviews.
Don't ask anyone to add you to their Circle of trust as that against their guidelines.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pickjack-paid me

I got paid by Pickjack on 22nd and have to say I was quite surprised! As many had said it a scam so I had even gone a little slow at the week end but hey I received my .40$ in my account as they had promised.
The payment proof is here:

So now you can safely join the site before the next payment and earn some extra money. The ones who are reading this blog for the first time and wondering what is Pickjack, you can click on the link here to check out my post on the site. Till then have a nice day!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Size of Paper

Hello Friends!
I have recently joined another paid to post forum which have paid many of my friends and hence can be trusted. The admin of the site is quite responsive the payout is also good. The minimum payout is 20$ which sounds high initially but since they don't have any minimum number of posts you can meet this deadline in no time at all but no spamming.
They have the option of promoting your work too whee you can get reviews on your websites, blogs or articles
The site looks promising to me and why not join when they have a good payout which will reduce once the number of members increases.
Click here to join the site and start earning right now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Minimum Payout ever!

Hi friends!
Now here is a new website which pays for answering polls and creating polls of your own. Its a pretty simple website whee everyone can earn some little money and the balance is updated after every one hour. They pa frequently and the minimum payout is 0.05$. That sounds interesting right?
Why not give it a try. Its free to join. Click here to join the site.
Will be back soon with other methods to earn online! Till then happy earning!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Earn through your cell phone!

Hi Friends!
 I stumbled upon a site that pays you to receive SMS! Sounds fake? It sounded such to me also but wait it pays 20 paisa per SMS and this is an emerging advertising front. One of my friend got her first paycheck of Rs 300 yesterday. Though I had signed up a month before they started sending me SMS only before a week. It is a great payment but is sure worth doing nothing! You literally just sign up with them and then receive SMS advertisements which are very few initially and then grows with passing days. All you do is open the SMS, read it an then delete it. That's all you need to do and you get paid for it!
Don't worry its free to join and if you want you can also redeem coupons for shopping or restaurants. Just remember its only for Indians.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bukisa- a treat to writers!

Hi friends!
I have been as usual venturing into new ways of making money online. Even if I am quite busy and at present satisfied with my online sites I surf for new wasy or alternative to existing ways to earn online as who knows what golden opportunity I stumble upon! 
Back to the topic, Bukisa is a website quite like Associated Content and other revenue sharing articles submission sites with a much higher paying rate! They publish articles with non-exclusive rights, which means if you have any articles prepblished in Helium or Associated Content without giving complete rights then you can republish them here in Bukisa so that gives you double earning. Though Helium doesn't ask for first publishing in their site Associated Content does so for upfront payments so US citizens be careful. For non-US writers just give Display only rights in Associated Content while publishing so that you can publish back your articles in Bukisa. For Helium no extra work!
At present they are paying 3.95$ per 1000 unique views to your articles which is more than Associated content. Also they have referral programs so you earn there too. I have republished few of my articles there and lets see what happens!
Also better promote your articles to get more earning.
Have a nice day!

Friday, January 2, 2009 an opportunity for bloggers

Hi friends!

This time I am back with a fabulous opportunity for blogger. Its not a get rich quick scheme but a good one if you are:
  • Above 18 years of age
  • Have a valid Paypal account, which you can satisfy by signing up from the link beside.
  • Know how to write fluently and correctly in English and
  • Have a topic where you can write a lot.
As much as I know almost every blogger satisfy these criteria and hence qualify for this program.
This website pays you
  • 1$ per 100+ words post every day for the first month,
  • The amount of payment increase per post if you can drive more traffic to your blog,
  • 2$ per thousand unique visits to your pages.
They have normal free blog hosting like Bloggers( my personal favourite!) and a VIP program for paid posting.The link below will take you straight to their VIP program page.

First you have to submit your application and its takes few days to be accepted. Mine took two days, though they had said to wait for almost seven days.
So for the bloggers it sure is a golden opportunity. You must have correct approach to writing in English as the posts are evaluated every month by their admin so your rate of payment may go down if you have bad quality of grammar.
I hope this has helped you. If you want a sample take a look at my blog with them:
Have a nice day!