Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mystery Shopping: Shop and have fun while earning.

First let me make clear what is mystery shopping.  When companies sell their products their customer care and service  decides whether the customer will return back to the same shop or brand again or not. No matter how many inspections the authorities conducts it is never possible to understand the customer service of the employees in the employer's or inspectors presence.
Mystery shopping is the solution to it. These companies hire aware, sensible and communicative consumers to do a shopping session from their shops or malls. These shoppers in no condition can reveal that they are shopping fro the company. After the session the consumer need to return his or her observational results in the form of a questionnaire or survey form.
Mystery shopping may also involve visiting an automobile showroom, hotel or a reputed restaurant.

Now the interesting and important answer. You can gain from this system by being a mystery shopper yourself! Shocked? Well answer this questions:
  1. Do you go out with your friends or family to a restaurant or shopping mall to unwind?
  2. Are you aware of the brands and the retail boom around you?
  3. Are you good in the your communication skills?
Then that's all! You can be a mystery shopper if you have the time and willingness to succeed in something that requires you to Shop!
Some companies may ask you to pay and join their company. Avoid such ones as they often turn out to be scams.
If you buy or eat anything during the session or any such necessary expenditure will be paid by the company itself along with your session fees.
Mystery shopping in India is a nice prospect as the retail industry is yet developing and that too at a faster rate with lots of employment options in the near future. More the number of people employed in this industry more will be the need of mystery shoppers for the companies to keep a constant check on their employees and perform better than the other retail chains.

  • Search in the online job portals. They nowadays have one or two required mystery shopper requiring advertisements after one or two weeks.
  • Look out in the local newspapers. They will have more adds matching your requirements both time and distance.
  • Be honest in the questionnaires. Vague and dishonest answers will spoil your any further chances of success in this field.
  • Gather your friends. Be it window shopping or mystery shopping, shopping as whole can become very entertaining in the presence of your friends and equally boring in their absence.
  • Never pay anything from your own pockets if the company doesn't reimburse the later.
I will provide more information later. Till then have a nice day.

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