Monday, December 29, 2008

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Hello Friends!
I have been actively taking part in myLot and now I am glad that soon I'll be getting my payment from them as I have reached the payout yesterday!
Now coming back to the topic under discussion Amazon Mechanical Turk or mturk is a wonderful site with lots of opportunities for people with various kinds of qualification and talents. Its a site which belongs to and hence its genuineness need not be verified further!
This site has a simple registration process for both the workers and providers.

What are HITs?
As you will find it described on the welcome page HITs are Human Intelligence Tasks which are simple tasks needed to be done for which you are paid depending on the amount of concentration and time you need to complete it.

Who are the workers?
Well we are! Here some simple tasks needs to be done in every company or website and its tiresome to hire temporary workforce just for such simple work which can be done with a little knowledge of English. So the People who need the job done submits their project and the payment to mturk who distributes the work to its members for completion and send payment once the work is approved by the provider.

What kinds of work do we need to do?
They can be various types. For example:
  • A collection of pictures are provided and you need to pick pictures from the collection depending on a given criteria, such as the ones containing "Seals: a fastener"!
  • Give correct title to simple documents.
  • Provide answers to questions.
  • And many others where the variety and the amount of work needed to be done is changing from time to time.
Its basically a very good site for Indians as it pays through checks to Indians. They don't have any referral program.
All you need is an email address and you get started!

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