Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi friends! 
I am posting this after a long gap and sorry for that. I was very busy with my blog at so couldn't spend much time here. 
Now back to the topic! is a review site where you get paid when somebody comments an rates on your reviews. Now you may be wondering what to write a review on. They have products ranging from movies to a facial kit, i.e; almost anything you may want to buy! Now when you join the site what you do first is read on the guidelines well. Then write good detailed personal opinion in proper English on two or three products. Then start rating other people's reviews and add them to your friend's list. They will then come back to check your reviews and rate and comment on it. There are various awards given out weekly and monthly to reviewers whose reviews perform exceptionally well-well written, detailed, informative, personal opinion given and lastly but most important is originality.
Hope you enjoy you stay at Ciao. Till date I have been paid twice by Ciao and so all the best for your reviews.
Don't ask anyone to add you to their Circle of trust as that against their guidelines.

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