Friday, January 2, 2009 an opportunity for bloggers

Hi friends!

This time I am back with a fabulous opportunity for blogger. Its not a get rich quick scheme but a good one if you are:
  • Above 18 years of age
  • Have a valid Paypal account, which you can satisfy by signing up from the link beside.
  • Know how to write fluently and correctly in English and
  • Have a topic where you can write a lot.
As much as I know almost every blogger satisfy these criteria and hence qualify for this program.
This website pays you
  • 1$ per 100+ words post every day for the first month,
  • The amount of payment increase per post if you can drive more traffic to your blog,
  • 2$ per thousand unique visits to your pages.
They have normal free blog hosting like Bloggers( my personal favourite!) and a VIP program for paid posting.The link below will take you straight to their VIP program page.

First you have to submit your application and its takes few days to be accepted. Mine took two days, though they had said to wait for almost seven days.
So for the bloggers it sure is a golden opportunity. You must have correct approach to writing in English as the posts are evaluated every month by their admin so your rate of payment may go down if you have bad quality of grammar.
I hope this has helped you. If you want a sample take a look at my blog with them:
Have a nice day!


  1. Hi this is Satish from mylot. I have a question. I have a blog with a PR of 2. Can I use that existing blog instead of creating a new one for

  2. For paid post you need to have a new blog friend..Else an old blog submission for free hosting is fine but it wont be included in the VIP program.Hope I could help.Thanks!


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