Monday, January 12, 2009

Minimum Payout ever!

Hi friends!
Now here is a new website which pays for answering polls and creating polls of your own. Its a pretty simple website whee everyone can earn some little money and the balance is updated after every one hour. They pa frequently and the minimum payout is 0.05$. That sounds interesting right?
Why not give it a try. Its free to join. Click here to join the site.
Will be back soon with other methods to earn online! Till then happy earning!


  1. Yeah they do pay international members. As long as you have a Paypal account you can join them.Will be glad if you join under me.

  2. how can i start? what i do, i can't understand.

  3. Just create an account there..answer questions, ask questions an you get paid..your account is updated after regular you can trust that they pay..


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