Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bukisa- a treat to writers!

Hi friends!
I have been as usual venturing into new ways of making money online. Even if I am quite busy and at present satisfied with my online sites I surf for new wasy or alternative to existing ways to earn online as who knows what golden opportunity I stumble upon! 
Back to the topic, Bukisa is a website quite like Associated Content and other revenue sharing articles submission sites with a much higher paying rate! They publish articles with non-exclusive rights, which means if you have any articles prepblished in Helium or Associated Content without giving complete rights then you can republish them here in Bukisa so that gives you double earning. Though Helium doesn't ask for first publishing in their site Associated Content does so for upfront payments so US citizens be careful. For non-US writers just give Display only rights in Associated Content while publishing so that you can publish back your articles in Bukisa. For Helium no extra work!
At present they are paying 3.95$ per 1000 unique views to your articles which is more than Associated content. Also they have referral programs so you earn there too. I have republished few of my articles there and lets see what happens!
Also better promote your articles to get more earning.
Have a nice day!

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