Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have been payed by this site for the past two months and so now can claim to you all about its being genuine. Here we are paid to:
  •  Respond to other people's discussions, 
  • Answer their questions, 
  • Start a blog, 
  • Ask a question yourself or 
  • Start a discussion. 
  • We are also paid when we upload photographs into the website!
So basically there are lots of  ways to earn from this networking site and also they have referral system.
The paying is little slow and may get to you if you are not the patient types. I have made few wonderful friends here and enjoy my time spent here a lot.
Mylot has few strict guidelines to prevent spamming and that's the only thing that is strict!
With about 155,970 members when I am writing this, the website has been growing for the past few years and has a great reputation of paying its members on time always.
Want to join the site? Then Click
They pay through Paypal or moneybookers.
Haven't signed up for Paypal yet? Well go forward and do it..The banner is there right side bar!

Here is the payment proof:

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